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A single platform
to manage your inventory data

Onera connects events across siloed systems into a single, real-time source of truth, powering any channel or application at web-speed.

Onera is trusted by industry leaders

  • Capture transactions across systems to create a real-time record of inventory.

    Track every inventory state for every item-location in your network—using fewer systems and streamlined intergrations to make real-time updates to inventory records.

  • Unlock easy, centralized availability and eligibility management.

    Manage eligibility and safety stock by item, location, and product attribute through an easy-to-use web interface.

  • Display real-time inventory to any channel or application, at web-speed.

    Access inventory views through APIs that scale, at web-speed, to handle peak traffic.

Creating a unified, real-time inventory record accelerates growth and innovation.

  • Sell any item from any location, through any channel
  • Fewer systems, streamlined integrations
  • Consistent, positive customer experience
  • Easily scale without additional development work
  • Flexible inventory management—data in operators’ hands