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Dynamic Availability

Onera’s solution to managing item availability.
Dynamic Availability provides an end-to-end, data-driven approach to managing when, where, and what items to make available to customers.

How do you ensure item availability is part of a holistic supply chain strategy?

Customer expectations have never been higher. No matter how or where they choose to shop, customers expect in-stock items, fast & free delivery, and exceptional service. To transform the customer experience, merchants must transform stores into fulfillment centers.

  • Store fulfillment unlocks new value—but also introduces risk

    Traditional retail stores do not operate like fulfillment centers. They introduce unpredictability and risk that items may not be found to fulfill an order.

  • Maximizing availability while maintaining customer experience requires careful optimization

    To mitigate against store risks, merchants buffer online item availability via safety stock. Adding safety stock protects against order cancellation if an item can't be found in stores. But, safety stock also limits the value of omni-channel programs—if an item is not exposed online, a potential sale is suppressed.

Dynamic Availability Our Solution

  • Intelligence

    Safety stock recommendations by SKU/store, optimized to maximize inventory exposure while meeting target fill-rate by program type.

  • Configurations

    Safety stock settings can be added to override or constrain learned values, allowing you to manage availability according to specific business priorities.

  • Insights

    Visibility into and reporting on program KPIs and settings, enabling clear understanding of program-level metrics.

The Status QuoDynamic Availability
InputsLimited and static. Informed by a small number of sources, or set from general assumptions. Dynamic and extensive. Learnings based on dozens of the most relevant supply, demand, and operational signals across the supply chain.
GranularityCoarse. "Blanket" values, set at a department- or category-level, or broadly across the network. Precise. Intelligent safety stock at a SKU/store-level, so values are precisely calibrated to individual item and location performance.
CadenceInfrequent. Updated weekly or monthly (if at all), triggered ad hoc, or managed with a "set it and forget it" approach. Managed via offline spreadsheets or separate systems. Real-time. Safety stock is updated hourly, incorporating the latest changes to your network and customer behavior. Updates are automatically implemented directly into your source system.
Onera worked closely with our team throughout the launch process, and were true partners in driving tangible value out of the gate. They made sure we understood how Dynamic Availability makes decisions, so that we could feel confident in the improvements it has made in our business.
Jay Rodriguez
Director, Omnichannel Operations
  • 2-4% Average lift on online revenue, per program
  • 26% Average inventory exposure increase

Dynamic Availability has more to offer.

  • Learned Precision

    We use best-in-class machine learning to dynamically evaluate changes in behavior across your network, ensuring item availability is automatically calibrated to your specific capabilities.

  • Transparency

    Our dashboard provides flexibility to manage your omni-channel programs via manual configurations and visibility into key program and solution metrics.

  • Time to Value

    We provide a turnkey integration that is both fast and flexible, and delivers value out of the gate. Our solution integrates with any order management system (OMS)—standard or custom.

  • Scalability

    Dynamic Availability is designed to perform at web scale and speed across our full customer base. There are 500M+ SKU/stores under management, and 7.5TB of data transferred per year.