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[o·ne·ra] To take on a burden. From the Latin onerarius

We take on the burden of harnessing your data to operate your supply chain—unlocking limitless possibilities for you to delight your customers.

While working at Bain Capital Ventures, Sahil Gupta met with executives who lamented the struggle to meet customer expectations while their supply chains worked against them.

Meanwhile, Srinath Sridhar was at BloomReach, helping retailers leverage machine learning to improve product discovery and drive conversions and revenue.

Together, they set off to build a company that could dramatically improve the modern supply chain.

There are a few things we value the most as a company.

  • We embody Integrity

    Our team is its best when we bring our authentic selves to work. We're honest about who we are and how we operate.

  • We promote Transparency

    We are transparent about our successes and goals, as well as our failures and concerns. We learn from each other.

  • We appreciate Thoughtfulness

    We're a small team that thinks big. We believe the big ideas start from the simplest place—self-awareness and consideration for others.

  • We embrace Humility

    We check our egos at the door. We believe that every question deserves to be answered, and every perspective is worth hearing.

Our team is experienced and drives results.

We’re backed by top-tier investors.

We like tackling new challenges with great people. Want to join us?

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